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Clark County Heritage Center

The Paul and Elizabeth K. Deer Exposition Hall, a new addition to the Heritage Center of Clark County, celebrated it’s Grand Opening on June 28th, 2003. The new facility, built by Kapp Construction, is designed as a space for large artifacts on display by the Clark County Historical Society. The building itself is a steel building with beautiful block facing, with many wonderful architectural aspects to match the adjacent Heritage Center. The interior is a large open space designed to appear as a turn of the century, (the 20th century) fairgrounds display.

The new Exposition Hall is 8,000 sf and comes at a cost of $2.5 million dollars. Among the displays are a 1927 Ahrens-Fox fire engine used by the Springfield Fire Department, International trucks from 1921 and 1927, a re-created greenhouse and a 16-foot-long model of the City Market building, covered with corn (sprayed with a preservative) to represent bricks and several horse-drawn vehicles: a hearse, milk truck, moving van and buggy. There are many other displays, featuring late 1800’s items representative of the daily living from that time.

Design Firm:
McCall Sharp Architecture
Stephen L. Sharp A.I.A
(937) 653-3199
Owner’s Representative:
Robert Furman
(937) 324-0657