ORBIS Manufacturing

Located in downtown Urbana, Ohio, ORBIS is making a commitment to environmental sustainability at their manufacturing facility by adding a cooling water distribution building to recycle the nearly 1 million gallons of water that was previously released daily into Dugan run. Under the leadership of Supervisor Ed Russel, Kapp Construction is erecting a 2,700 square foot metal building that will be connected to thier existing facility. A custom-made cooling tower stand will be installed adjacent to the addition, using walkways and handrails fabricated locally by Sweet Manufacturing of Springfield.

Kapp Construction was selected as the design/build contractor by Deshler Mechanical to complete the addition for ORBIS, which will be completed in August.


Project Size:
2,772 square feet
Anticipated Completed Date:
August 2013
Owner's Representative:
Eric Landis, Sr. MESO Process Engineer
200 Elm Street
Urbana, OH 43078